SEO Tips to Boost Your Traffic in 2019

SEO company in india

As an entrepreneur in India, you need to remain ahead of your competition. You should understand that having a brand and a business website isn’t sufficient. You need to win your target audience by trust and additionally gain more customers. For this, you have to build a solid awareness and recognition in order to boost organic traffic coming to your website. When compared with traditional marketing techniques, nowadays many entrepreneurs are using digital platforms to cut through all the competition and get ahead of the rivals. If you are looking for affordable and effective online marketing agencies, you can contact the reliable and best SEO company in India. 

How can you put the name of your company on everyone’s lips? Here are some effective tips and ideas by best SEO company in India that can help enhance your online presence and awareness. 

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Make the Most Out of the Video and Content Marketing

Nowadays, video and content marketing have turned into a good method for promoting your business image and boosting more traffic. To target more potential customers, you can make video content for your website and publish it on various digital marketing channels. Content marketing is one of the best ways to market a business and offers various advantages like increasing the natural search traffic and creating more leads. Remembering the positive effect of video and content marketing, as an India based entrepreneur, you have to make unique, compelling and high quality content for search engines as well as target audience to get the best results. 

Maximise user engagement 

The best SEO company in India main aim is to update posts and create new ones. The website should be build to maximise the user engagement. For this you can create easy to read content while make the right use of whitespace, headings, short paragraphs, and images so that readers can understand the text on the web page. It increases the user time on a website. 

Other way by which you can enhance your user engagement is to make use of highly relvant internal links to other pages on your website. It can decrease bounce rate and gives visitors a chance to further navigate your website. 

Create comprehensive and evergreen content 

The best SEO company in India recommends to create long and evergreen content for your website. Choose a topic that people are searching for and work on it to position them search engine rankings. The longer your post, more keywords you can add into it. It is suggested that the content should be 1500 to 2000 words long so that search engines can easily crawl and index it into their algorithms. 

Develop best UI experience 

The improved user interface experience is one of the most important rankings factor of Google in 2019. Try to create a seamless UI for your website to engage more visitors. If you have good content on your website but a poor UI, then many visitors will leave your website and don’t visit again. A smooth and simple navigation from expected by a user from your website. A good UI will help gain more customers, improved bounce rate, high page views and ROI, and enhance rankings. 

Website SLL certificate 

A secure website will get more traffic than an unsecure site, it is a common notion. Also, Google prefer website with SLL certificate over others. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate is a data file which is installed on the web server in order to protect the website unwanted threats, malware and viruses to damage the authority of a site and those who access it. Having a SSL certificate is advantage in terms of SEO as it is one of a significant ranking factor. 


You can enjoy a successful online brand visibility with well implemented SEO campaigns. The best SEO company in India makes a point to understand your business, client’s necessities and investigates your competitors to provide you with top SEO services to boost your traffic and online presence. This makes it significant for companies to pick a respectable SEO agency like Resultbyseo, which won’t just assistance in making your business known but additionally improves SERPs and guarantees a high ROI.

5 Secrets of Hiring Good SEO Company in Gurgaon

Even if you have a good knowledge of basic SEO, but you still need the help of a professional SEO company to make a difference in your online visibility. For starters, an SEO company in Gurgaon optimises your site as per search engine and also maintain it on a regular basis. SEO is a continuous and time taking process that takes a great effort on the part of the expert. To make your work much simpler, you need to hire the services of an SEO company.

An entrepreneur who does not advertise its products and services do not impart its central goal with its potential clients can’t stay in the competition for long. So as to upgrade your essence in the computerized world, you ought to put resources into effective online marketing methodologies to continually remind your intended interest group of customers and audience about your identity and what you do. So as to accomplish your goal, you should hire a long-standing search engine optimization organization, whose specialists will work with you in order to get the most ideal results for your business. 

You will find numerous SEO agencies today which could be trustworthy, and some could be unreliable. Thus, it is necessary for you to find the best SEO company in Gurgaon for your online identity and improving your search engine rankings. 

Website Evaluation

The reliable SEO company in Gurgaon will provide you with site evaluation which analysis the website for all the error that is not good for the rank of the website. It can be done by an SEO consultant who will perform a website audit. The result of the audit will tell you about all the error on your website and how much work needs to be done. They will take care of all the troubleshooting aspect related to performance, content, design, and broken links. 

Time Taken to Rank a Website 

SEO services are comprehensive; it takes time to rank a website on the first page of the search engine depending upon the demand of the keywords and competition in the market. Does your SEO company in Gurgaon guarantee your ranking within a week of the services? If that’s the case, then you need to change your agency immediate. 

SEO optimisation services take up to 3 to 6 months to deliver the first-page position. A good SEO company shouldn’t promise you false hopes. 

Cost structure

Charging you with high cost will not guarantee you top position on the search engines. Therefore a good SEO optimisation services shouldn’t be too expensive or cheap. They should give down a rundown of services that they will provide you in SEO packages. 

Techniques used to rank a website

After getting a cost structure, you will need to ensure if the SEO company is using white hat SEO techniques to list your site. If the strategy includes dishonest practices like link spamming, keyword stuffing to deceive search engine, then you should turn away from the agency. 

If you use deceitful methods to achieve the first page rankings, then it will lead your website to be blacklisted by Google. To avoid such companies, you can perform your own research on the various SEO strategies and how proper SEO is done. Some of the white hat SEO services include keyword research, link building, on-page optimisation and more. 


An excellent SEO agency will show you a complete report of the SEO campaign and progress of the site rankings. This reporting is done weekly and monthly. Also, they will assure you of performance based on their experience. 


These days, everyone utilizes the Internet and SEO strategies would fundamentally reach a higher number of people than traditional marketing. If you are looking to expand your deals and take your business to an unheard level, SEO experts can support you. Consequently, you should begin by employing an SEO company in Gurgaon whose skilled workers will do all that it takes to guarantee that your business successful. 

To profit by a positive and remunerating background, you ought to do your best to work with SEO experts who will give full direction and backing. These are some of the primary considerations you need to look while looking for SEO Company. You can contact Resultbyseo for more information. 

Top 7 Tips to find best SEO company in Gurgaon

The growth of an internet business is significantly attributed to the White-hat SEO businesses. White-hat SEO specialists have included a significant boost to the business on the online platform and have defined it using a unique way to make it reach to every targeted individual or organization. It’s said that almost 60% of those acknowledgement goes to the web designing and development businesses, that have been effectively growing the outstanding web projects.

When more than half of the percentage supporting the success of an online company is due to SEO companies, then it won’t be tricky to comprehend the value of search engine optimization Companies. This is the reason the choice of Seo company in gurgaon has to be done very carefully. It is said that SEO companies have capably delivered positive results and have come up with many fantastic projects. Their capability and knowledge are simply outside of the box, due to which, the outcomes are in their favor. But, not all businesses deserve admiration and are worthy of hiring. Every coin has two sides; the intelligence is in choosing the side, where there is profit. Therefore, selecting the very best white-hat Seo company in gurgaon is also vital. Below are some hints, which would help you in doing this:

Now comes the five crucial ways to pick the very best white-hat Seo company in gurgaon, which will ultimately create the online presence of the company.

  1. Going through the track record

Checking over the work & projects handled by the company can give a reasonable idea about the business. Ask for URLs of customers’ websites, attempt to contact their clients and know in their firsthand experience. When there is a kind of doubt regarding the company, this will sort it all out.

  • Knowing the company

Knowing about the specialities, knowledge, and experience in the area helps a good deal. If any company is able to explain its expertise backing with legitimate proofs, then trusting them will not be a terrible thing.

  • Position

Assessing the standing of the company with which is planning to cope with is important. Nevertheless, make sure that the position is assessed upon just on the grounds of relevant and competitive key words & phrases.

  • Cost

Remember that high prices never guarantee top-grade outcomes; also that low costs may be deceiving. Right prices for the right services will need to be quoted by the company, which then will make simple in creating a comparison.

  • Guarantee

If any business guarantees about ranking the website at the top position in the search engine result pages, then instantly realize that it’s fake. It’s one fact that even search engine denies.

  • Services as Part of their bundles

The services offered as a part of the package differ from Seo company in gurgaon to company on the basis of their price in addition to nature of an online organization. Because of this, it’s worthwhile to look at the assistance of an Seo company in gurgaon end to end and select the one that provides at least several essential services such as the onsite optimization, keyword research, SEO copywriting, blog creation, link building etc..

  • Success rate

You are able to readily solve the achievement rate of an Seo company in gurgaon by ensuring the number of clients the company has worked for on its own stint and the length for which they’ve dealt with the search engine optimisation projects. Reaching SEO results instantly is a far-fetched thought. Therefore, it makes sense to hire white-hat Search Engine Optimization companies that have completed a range of SEO jobs for clients over a term of 3 to 6 months or more